Best 3 backpacking sleeping pads

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Campers and hikers have a lot of things to consider before they go to an adventure. What is the right sleeping pad you can bring to camping? This article will help you find out the answer to that. In this article, we will attempt to list down the basic factors to consider before buying a sleeping pad. Whether you’re going for a minimalist backpacking or winter camping, you can use this fact sheet before you buy the right sleeping pad for your needs.

Here are the top 3 sleeping pads for camping we recommend:

  1. Lightspeed Outdoors
  2. Klymit Static
  3. Fox Outfitters

Things to consider before buying a Sleeping Pad

The first factor to consider when buying a sleeping pad is its type. The type of sleeping pad you get is crucial in getting a good night sleep. If you’re one of the campers who want to carry light, we know that one of your problems is how to pick the right backpacking sleeping pad that will be durable, affordable and easy to carry. But, you should know first the right type of the pad you’re buying for your intended use. Sleeping pads come in three basic types: air, self-inflating and closed-cell foam. If your intention is to travel light, an air pad with a 3 R-value and with insulation is ideal for you. One drawback of buying an air pad, however, is that it’s a bit more costly.

Self-inflating pads are a combination of air pads and open-cell foam. These pads have a valve that fills up with air automatically. These can provide the warmest, compact and comfortable protection at the least expensive cost. However, these pads may be heavier than the other types.

In contrast,  closed-cell foam pads are created with dense foam envoloping its structure, filling the pad with small and closed air cells. These pads are lightweight, but less comfortable than the others because it’s quite firm, bulky and stiff to use.


You may find it reassuring that there are sleeping pads today that could last for as long as twelve years. These kinds of sleeping pads are usually the closed cell foam and ensolite foam pad types, so if you want durability, look for these types in the store. They’re claimed to be hands-down the most sturdy and rigid among the various types mainly because they’re not as easily punctured as the inflatable ones.


Sleeping pads are important because they insulate you from the hard, cold terrain. That is why questions about the temperature rating of the sleeping pad are necessary. Ask the seller about the sleeping pad’s R-Value to determine its level of protection.

The R-value of a sleeping pad measures how well it will insulate your body from the cold ground. The higher the R-value, the warmer the warmth protection of the sleeping pad. In general, sleeping pads that indicate R-values of 0-2 will only be ideal for warm-weather trips.

If you read that it’s a 20-degree pad, that only means that most users who sleep in the pad should have no problem feeling comfortable when the air temperature goes down to as low as 20 degrees F. The score also depends on the layer of protective clothing of the user.

In expert data from reliable sites, it is factually shown that the tighter the foam of your sleeping pad, the quicker your body warms. According to Wikipedia, the science behind this is that the sleeping pad keeps your body warm by holding a layer of ” non-circulating air” to your body. When this happens, your body is made warmer quicker and in a way no blanket or winter coat can.


It may be time-consuming to inflate your sleeping pads. That said, always choose pads with separate and high-volume inflation valve and deflation valve. The air pads with “neck” openings will also allow for fast inflation in a fewer number of breaths. Picking pads with separate chambers or layers can also be reassuring because if one layer fails, you still have an alternative.

Lightspeed Outdoors XL Sleep and Camp Pad

The factors we listed to find the best sleeping pad today can be found in Lightspeed Outdoors Camp Pad. This sleeping pad remains unsurpassed in giving the quality comfort you need. With its Super Plush Flexform interiors, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed and warm lying on the pad.

It’s also good to know that it is self-inflating, so you don’t have to waste time pumping air into it before you can use the pad. With its durable and unique design that cradles your body in a warm protection, it’s easy to say that this pad will be one of your best choices.

Some of the wonderful features of this pad include:
PVC-free materials that emit unpleasant plastic odor
Pillow-integration, so you don’t have to bring a separate one.
An R-Value of 9.66, so you get the maximum protection against the cold.

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

Another good sleeping pad to choose today is the Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad. With the lightweight, versatile design that this pad has, campers will have no problem bringing this with them in their adventure. You won’t need to wait a lot of time to use this, either.

It already inflates in just about 10-15 breathes. Neat, isn’t  it? The pad also just weighs around 18 ounces, so you won’t have to worry about how heavy it is. You can also expect that the body-mapped customized V chamber design that this pad has will give you the warm protection that you need. Here are more of its features:

Easy-to-use push valve that gives efficient insulation and quick deflation.
It’s incredibly lightweight, and will only weigh about 18.6 ounces
Complete heat loss limit for the best level of comfort and support

Fox Outfitters Camp Pad

This sleeping camp is also another good option you can pick when you want a sleeping pad that has a perfect foam and self-inflating feature. This outdoors self-inflating air mat is one of the carefully designed pads that Fox Outfitters created.

It is crafted with the most durable and time-tested components and materials just to give you the best protection and comfortable quality that you deserve.

Some of the features that this pad has include:

Premium self-inflation capacity
Unique Non-slip Fabric that’s soft to touch
Heavy duty abrasion-resistant base with fabric that can withstand any outdoor terrain.
Rapid Rise cell foam feature that gives a Triple-Zone Comfort Trademark that gives added support.


With the examples of good sleeping pads we listed above, you now have a cheat sheet to use to determine the right type of sleeping pad that suits your travels. You also learned from the information above the different factors to consider when buying a durable, sturdy and lightweight sleeping pad, including R-values and inflation speed.

With all these information, it’s important to follow these additional tips to make sure that the sleeping pad you buy is compatible with the area you’re travelling:

1. Don’t get deceived by price. Just because the sleeping pad is expensive doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. People have different metabolism, and the sleeping pad’s warmth protection depends on your body’s metabolism rate.

2. Do your research. Always verify the information that you get about sleeping pads through online forums and reliable sources.

3. Forget about the hype. Don’t buy a sleeping pad just because it’s fresh out in the market or popular. The new ones might not be able to give you the most durable quality you need for a rugged terrain.

4. Try to ask your friends and trusted networks where they bought their sleeping pads. Trustworthy sources can only be verified through your personal contacts.

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